BMoreRaw - Scale your B2B Sales Pipeline and adjust your product market fit based on empirical evidence.

Portfolio growth for company owners

We help Private Equity Owners and Funds, Business Angels,
Accelerators, Venture Capital Funds and Startup competitions by
helping B2B company leaders do good, better.



Crystal clear comparison
of portfolio companies



Precise due diligence



No doubt when choosing
new acquisitions

We help company owners manage and benchmark their
portfolio companies

You want a helicopter view of all the companies in your portfolio. You want to know where to place your bet and your energy. You want a way of measuring exactly who is thriving and why. You want to know who’s worth acquiring. You want a bulletproof method to compare your portfolio companies.

Let’s talk about horizontal integration. You have two companies that are fairly similar. What if you could easily translate what makes company number one thrive into the inner workings of company number two?

We want you to change the way you manage your portfolio companies. We want to give you a better overview of their viability and potential for growth. Really, what we are doing is helping your portfolio of B2Bs target their sales efforts to the right slice of their markets, and turn their CRM into a lean mean winning machine. Everybody has a CRM system, but very few use it well. We help companies to a dramatic boost in their sales results by securing the sales pipeline with our BMoreRaw Sales Process, capturing everything you need for a successful use of CRM.

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BMoreRaw generates revenue for B2Bs, Company owners and telemarketers alike.

The BMoreRaw Sales Process helps you achieve the best product-market fit rapidly, based on empirical evidence and a systematic approach. We help you constantly improve how you communicate and what you sell.

Our software helps you on every step of the way and lets you outsource the unwanted tasks. But BMoreRaw is not for everybody. We help companies who are not afraid to reach their goals by new and different means. People with ambitions of being the best in the business at what they do. Managers who want the truth - smacked in the face.

We help B2B companies create the ultimate product-market fit and really use their CRM system. We help Owners manage and benchmark their portfolio companies.

We also help Telemarketing companies make better money and work smarter with their B2B company clients.

BMoreRaw lets you scale and execute your sales process.

Our software guides you along, and you decide how much of your pre-sales process you want to outsource - if any. We have a choice of top-rated business development and telemarketing professionals ready to do the hard work for you.

The process of calling current and potential clients is highly structured - there is no straying from the pitch. But it is simple and easily applicable. All it takes is time.

Our BMoreRaw platform lets users perform their own telemarketing calls, RAW-style - with customized pitches for each step. It also provides the setup for categorizing your client statements - turning calls into applicable data. We deliver the data back to your CRM system, and help you follow up on every single lead.

“We help sales organizations to focus and streamline their calling activities to get full impact out of each telemarketing call.”

BMoreRaw improves the presales and follow-up calling activities in a sequence that allows you to scale, share and continuously improve your sales efforts - based on market input.

Create a winning pitch and get down to business

What would you like to sell and to whom? Start with a short meeting with us, and we’ll help you see who you’d like to sell to - plus what to sell and how to do it. What we need from you is a list of current clients and your own take on your product-market fit. Maybe some bravery, too.

Use us as a one-hit wonder or as a means to constantly secure follow-up activities are met while you generate more warm leads.

You will see the results at our first meeting, or by the end of your first campaign with BMoreRaw.