The Scientific Way
To Understand
Your Customers

BMoreRaw helpsB2B businesses, Investors and
Telemarketing/business development agencies
increase their bottom line by measuring empiric,
real-life product-market fit data.

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Profit From Discovering
Underserved Customer Needs…

If you're keeping up with ever-growing market's demands, you must know where to
invest your resources for the biggest impact.

Whether it's providing raw data on what actually makes "sales happen" or what's the
value proposition your prospects crave - BMoreRaw exists to bridge the gap
between your market and your offer. We don’t guess – we ask.

Sure, expensive business consultants can be helpful… but everyone has blind spots.
It’s easy to blindly bet on the wrong value proposition. Luckily you don’t have to poke
around in darkness: your customers are the light-switch for your success.

With BMoreRaw, our goal is to help you turn on the light and show you the way to
business growth.

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The BMoreRaw Platform And Team
Shows You What Your Market Loves


Audit Your Teams’

Become aware and quantify your teams’
beliefs, to compare them with your target
market’s perspective.


Discover Raw Reasons Why
Your Clients’ Buy From You

Increase the life-time value of your
existing clients, by doubling down
on what works.


Learn What’ll Attract
New Clients

Learn what attracts new clients to increase
the effectiveness of your lead generation


Enhance your product
-market fit

Reduce resource wastage by
targeting the market segments that


Compare Portfolio

Find out, which of your portfolio
companies are thriving, where to
invest AND why.


Create A More Raw And
Scalable Sales Pitch

Develop a mouth-watering sales pitch, that’s
custom tailored to the raw needs of your

How We Help You Reach "Raw" awareness
of Your Product-Market Fit

The BMoreRaw platform is based on McCarthy's "7 marketing p's". It enables us to identify and
quantify raw data reflecting 7 aspects of your offer: "product", "price", "promotion", "physical
evidence", "people", "product" or "process". Our team is trained to help you focus on maximum
ROI activities in 3 scientific steps



Free Reality Check

Get feedback from your organisation

Use BMoreRaw dashboard to discover how your team
perceives your offer and quantify the data. All it takes is
uploading a list of your teams’ emails, and asking the
right questions



Raw Reality Check

Get feedback from your clients

BMoreRaw makes it ultra-convenient to reach out to
your clients. This is where you can examine the
discrepancy between reality and your beliefs. Learn
what are the raw reasons why your client’s buy and use
them to grow your business. It’s as easy as outsourcing
our team - trained to ask the right questions and deliver
you the truth and nothing but the truth.



More Raw Reality
and Sales Pitch

Get feedback from your prospects

We’ll reach out to your target audience and make sure
that we learn what’s the key value they’re expecting
form your offer. You’ll acquire a raw sales pitch based
on empiric data we’ve gathered from your potential

Be More Raw